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You have probably got at least a fuzzy image in mind of what moles and voles look like. Both of them are small, furry little rodents that have tendencies to wreak havoc on lawns. This, however, is all about where their similarities end. They are different animals with different brands of destruction. Knowing how to recognize each is important so that you can know which type of pest control measures are suitable to take.


It is extremely likely you’ve never actually seen a mole in your yard because they like to both live and eat underground. If you do, however, get a chance to spot one, they range from grey to dark brown, reach lengths from 6 to 7 inches, and can be recognized easily by their very long nose and large, webbed front feet. They use these feet to dig tunnels under your yard (at a speed of approximately 1 foot per minute) so that they can catch their favorite food, earth worms. Though very small, moles put a great deal of work into eating nearly their body weight every day. Working hard, this can amount to 100 feet of tunneling daily, which can be quite a lot when comprised under one yard. To compensate for this, they may have other elements of your lawn caving in a bit. The good news is that they usually live alone, so if you have one, you likely just have that one.


They are most often dark brown, approximately 5 inches in length, and have largish ears and eyes. Unlike additives, they are very social animals and are known to purge yards fast because of the brief time it takes them to reproduce. They like to feed on grass and flower roots, but will settle for seeds or bulbs, or even the bark off of small trees and shrubs if nothing else is available. Fortunately, this damage is pretty simple to repair after the voles are removed.

Calling in Pest Control

Whether you’ve voles or moles, or if you’re still unsure what pests are destroying your yard, contacting a professional pest control company will be able to clean things up quickly and easily. They will have your yard pest-free and will be able to provide some advice on how you can keep annoying yard critters from returning.

What’s in your yard?

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