Aikido Martial Arts Self-Defense Learning

Self defense or self defence can be of many types. Basically it’s a countermeasure to an assault on one’s person; an act of protecting oneself. Self-defense isn’t limited to personal safety; it could include your household, property, family members etc.. The’right to defend oneself’ is established by legal authorities in many regions but the interpretation of the’use of force in times of danger’ varies widely.

Using physical force to counter a personal attack or an attack of violence could be classified in two ways – armed and unarmed. The odds of warding off an attack depends upon a number of factors, but is largely related to the extent of seriousness of this assault and the mental ability and physical ability of the person warding off the attack.

There are a wide assortment of self defense methods – both armed and unarmed. While the armed category clearly uses weapons and firearms as protective measures and requires the person using such arms to have the skills and be in conformity with legal regulations, the unarmed class is the most widely used form of self defense. Techniques and practices of combat are codified by customs and systems and are practiced for many reasons ranging from competition, entertainment, fitness and wellness, physical growth, self defense and spiritual development.

Experts opine that although there are many forms of combat and self defense practices, basic techniques are essential for everyone to protect themselves as a matter of firm right.

1. Do not try anything striking; it means that do not replicate movie stunts or techniques which come from hours of practice and perfection, unless you have had some amount of training in a specific technique.

2. The aim isn’t to win. Rather it is to get time to find an escape manner or draw attention of others around so that the competition is outnumbered.

3. If your attacker is armed, rather lose your wallet and credit cards, wrist watch or jewellery than put up a struggle and be shot or stabbed, severely putting yourself at immense risk, unless of course you’re an experienced practitioner at disabling an armed attacker. It’s far easier to eliminate some personal effects that can be replaced.

4. Keeping your composure is easier said than done, but you’d be smart not to forget that not being fearful is half the job done. You too have the capability to hurt when cornered.

5. Do not stand still or give up. Any quantity of resistance is better than no resistance whatsoever and if you show some spirit, you don’t know, it may place the attacker off guard a little, which is to your great advantage.

6. There are no rules in a street or alley attack. Use whatever you have in hand, Lauderdale Lakes Wildlife Removal, handbag, keychain or any implement that may inflict some damage. Experts advise girls, when faced with an attacker, to attack the groin with a hard thrust of the knee while putting the force of your palm under the attacker’s chin. It’s a tried and proven self defense method to permit time to run or shout for help. Even finger nails can cause maximum damage when thrust into the eye of the attacker; several women who have been assaulted have recounted how they bit the attacker’s hand enough to cause pain, the time gap was enough to get them from this situation and get quick assistance.

7. Make the first strike. That will surely disable the attacker because it’s least expected. Attackers plan on hitting and being hit makes him want to shield himself, something against his nature.

8. Close the space quickly. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique directs you to bridge the gap immediately and literally be within nose space.

9. If you have some experience in wrestling or boxing, trip your attacker and toss him to the ground. Then use anything you can find around you to stop him from getting back to his feet quickly. Throwing sand or sand in the attacker’s face is a good tactic to disable him for a few minutes giving you enough time to break free from the scene.

10. Keep your hands up like a ring fighter. If your attacker attempts to physically punch you, your hands will decrease the force or prevent the blows from landing on the face or nose and causing injuries.

A few of them have been immortalized through full-length feature films for posterity.

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